Connected was initially designed for the Property market, combining years of experience in the sector and where there is growing demand for more valuable and efficient solutions that are easy to use and implement. And can be easily adapted for other marketplaces.

As the Property market made the shift from print to digital in the late ’90’s, over the last 20 years there has been steady innovation from Agents in Website creation and development of features from Property portals that agents content powers. This has created numerous locations and applications for buyers but little in the way of the next transformation of connecting the physical property location and digital world. One that can also be truly transnational, scaling globally.

There’s been no single place that gives buyers and sellers the ability to create their own content curated with other data sources in a digital ecosystem that also publishes content to dedicated apps and websites automatically. Nothing that gives buyers all the key data in one manageable place with the ability to better view, research, negotiate, offer and bid on properties they want to buy.

Connected is the worlds first platform for all parties in a more experiential and simpler way, empowering buyers and sellers. This solution transforms the current process of wooden static Property boards, disconnected websites and property portals that thrive on the content provided from agents and sellers.

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