We are passionate about creating more valuable customer experiences where the physical and digital worlds can be better connected.

Over that last 4 years, the platform which curates and publishes all the key content from digital signs, apps, CRM’s and any available data source has been steadily developed, tested and ultised. This new Connected Digital Platform has been used to support Agents and helps automate, curate, manage and publish property content in more efficient and effective ways to help sell properties. (Do you want to mention Humble? Not sure of that adds any value?)

The last phase was the creation of an industrially designed digital sign, we call the SmartPod (link this to the design sketches of signs in a “what is a smart pod” FAQ page). This sign sits on premise and connects the physical location at the front fence with the Connected Data Platform and new Connected Property Apps for buyers and sellers, creating a digital ecosystem.

The Teams vision was to bring this all together, and launch unique creative solutions that brings about a more connected and valuable buying and selling process in simpler and more effective ways, initially on property, often where people make their most valued buying decisions.

The solution can also work in any marketplace, that provides a more curated place where content from physical and digital worlds can be better connected, such as automotive, events, exhibitions, travel, retail and so on.

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